Boysy is a 5 year old greyhound. In his younger years he was a racing greyhound. He has been very lucky to find his forever home with his current owners.

Boysy was seen by our vet Marie Arkell because his breath was very smelly! Marie examined his mouth and it was decided that he was suffering from periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is quite common in ex racing greyhounds. It was decided that Boysy would need a dental procedure under general anaesthetic to fully examine his teeth.

                                                   Boysy came in to spend the day with us. Once anaesthetised we were able to see the full extent of the disease. Boysys’ teeth were in a very poor state. Unfortunately he had to have major dental work to remove all of his remaining teeth.

Unlike us dogs and cats are able to live without their teeth. They manage perfectly well to eat and play as normal. In fact he is probably a lot more comfortable without his teeth which was more than likely causing him dental pain.

 Like the majority of ex racing greyhounds, Boysy is a lovely dog. He was very brave throughout his procedure and whilst he was recovering, that is why we have crowned him Pet of the Month.