Dennis is an 8 year old crossbreed who has suffered from ear problems for a long time.

It was decided that although a cure may not be attainable due to a in built design fault(very common in dogs), his symptoms may be improved by having aural lateral wall resection surgery. This is when the outside wall of the ear is removed to improve drainage and air flow to the ear.

It was decided that he needed to have this done to both ears. He was admitted in to our hospital one morning for the Veterinary Surgeon Marie Arkell to perform the surgery. He was given a general anaesthetic which was monitored by a Registered Veterinary Nurse.

Dennis was prepared for surgery. All the hair needed to be clipped away from each ear with a big enough margin for the surgery to remain sterile. This gave Dennis a new hair cut which looked very much like a mohican!!!

The surgery took approximately 45 minutes on each ear.

Dennis recovered well from his surgery, after an overnight stay he went home. He had to return on several occasions to have his surgery site cleaned and checked. He wore a buster collar throughout the healing time. He eventually had his sutures taken out.


We feel that Dennis was extremely brave throughout his treatment, this is why we have crowned him Januarys’ Pet of the Month!



Wendy Osborne RVN