Georgie is a 16 year old ginger and white, domestic shorthair cat. He was bought into the surgery with a lump on the back of his neck. This was a large lump that had grown very rapidly in the last few weeks.

It was decided that the best option for Georgie was to have the lump removed. Due to his age a pre anaesthetic blood test was taken to rule out any underlying conditions that might be affected by the anaesthetic.

It was decided that the surgery would go ahead but Georgie would be placed on intravenous fluid therapy (a drip) for the duration of his surgery.

Our Veterinary Surgeon Sue Knighton performed the surgery. The lump was very large but Sue was successful at removing all of it.

It left Georgie with a large wound which was sutured, a drain was placed to drain away any excess fluid from the surgery site.

We re examined Georgie a few days later when the drain was removed. His surgical wound healed really well and after 10 days Georgie was allowed to return back to normal.
Georgie is such a lovely cat and very brave throughout his treatment. This is why we have crowned him Pet of the Month!