Gracie is a 5 year old West Highland White Terrier. She was brought in to the clinic to see our vet Sue Knighton when her owner found a lump.

Sue was able to take a fine needle aspirate from the lump. This allowed us to find out what the lump was before deciding if it needed to be removed. This was sent to an external laboratory to analyse the sample.

The results came back as a form of tumour that may spread if left untreated. It was decided that Gracie would need to have the lump removed.

Our vet Marie Arkell removed the lump under a general anaesthetic which was monitored by a Registered Veterinary Nurse.The tumour was submitted to a external laboratory to determine if we had been successful at removing all of the cancer.

The results came back a few days later, it was good news.

The wound had healed really nicely and the stitches were removed.

Unfortunately the owner then found another lump. Due to the nature of the previous lump it was decided that she would need a second surgery to remove it. Poor Gracie.

Gracie just accepted that this was the case and walked happily with Wendy our Registered Veterinary Nurse to find her bed for the day!

Gracie was brave throughout all of her treatment. She is such a sweet dog. That is why we have crowned her Pet of the Month!!

We wish Gracie a speedy recovery