Payment Policy

1. All accounts not settled within 30 days of when we sent a first reminder, will be subject to an interest rate of 1% per month of the total outstanding balance (£1.50 if balance £150 or less)

2. All accounts that have not been settled within 30 days will also be subject to an administration charge of £4.35 + VAT per month.

3. For debts referred to the Debt Collection agency, a charge will be added to the account to cover our costs.

For insured animals, the following policy applies
We are happy to allow direct claims from insurance companies. (which many practices now do not allow). The only exceptions to this policy are Direct Line, Tesco and Equine Livestock, due to on-going problems with these companies honoring claims and slow payment. In these cases payment should be made at the time of treatment, and the owner claims back from their insurance company.

To assist with the process of the claim we will complete paperwork and forms and forward to the insurance company for no charge. A valid signed claim form must be submitted on the day of treatment commencing. If the claim is on-going, a new claim form should be submitted at least every four weeks to prevent excessive account balances. All excesses should be paid on the day of treatment.

If the insurance company is slow to pay or refuses the claim, the owner is responsible for pursuing the claim direct with their insurance company. The practice cannot pursue claims direct on the owners’ behalf for legal reasons, as the owner is the client of the insurance company and not the practice. However, we will assist the insurance company in any way we can to help settle a claim.

We will allow 30 days from the date of processing the claim by the practice for the insurance company to settle the claim. After 30 days, the owner is liable for the full cost of the treatment and an account will be sent for this amount. After a further 30 days, the usual practice account charges will apply (see above).