Schauble is a German Shepherd puppy who fractured his paw following an accident.

He was brought into the surgery where x-rays were taken to determine the extent of the injury. It was discovered that he had fractured his toes (phalanges).

His paw was placed in a supportive dressing for several weeks to allow the fractured bones to heal.



Repeat x-rays were taken to monitor the healing progress.

After weeks of rest and dressing changes the fracture had healed.






During his treatment Schauble coped extremely well, considering he is a young puppy who would rather be playing than resting!

He came to the practice on several occasions and stayed with us for a few hours whilst he had his x-rays and dressing changes. He was a joy to have around, equally he seemed to enjoy his time with us, treating the practice as his second home!!

We have crowned Schauble Pet of the Month!