Tom is a 15 year old domestic short hair cat, he was seen by our vet Marie Arkell  when his owner noticed that he was drinking a lot more than normal, vomiting and always hungry and asking for food, he had also lost a lot of weight. 

It was decided that we would take a blood sample to see if we could find out what was causing his symptoms.

The blood test results showed that Tom was suffering from Hyperthyroidism. This is a common condition found in older cats where the thyroid glands become overactive. It can be controlled by using medication, diet or surgery. Tom was prescribed medication.

After a few weeks of medication, Tom was still vomiting quite regularly and was still extremely hungry for more food!!! Marie discussed several options with Tom’s owner. It was decided that we would perform a surgical procedure called a Thyroidectomy (removal of a thyroid gland).

The two thyroid glands are found in the neck either side of the trachea (wind pipe) It is a very delicate operation. We elected just to remove one thyroid gland. Before his surgery Tom spent a few days in our hospital so that we could closely monitor his food intake and observe him for vomiting. He was fed a prescription diet called Hills i/d. When he was stronger Marie Arkell performed the surgery.

He recovered really well, and after a few more days in hospital he was discharged home. He no longer required daily medication.

A few weeks after the surgery Tom is like a different cat. His weight has increased, he isn’t hungry all the time and is behaving almost like a kitten again!

Tom was a pleasure to have in our hospital. Such a brave cat, that is why we have crowned him our August Pet of the Month!!!