Tony is a 2 year old domestic shorthair cat. At the beginning of this month poor Tony had an accident. We believe that he was hit by a car. He was presented to Mid Sussex Veterinary Clinic and was examined immediately by the Veterinary Surgeon Marie Arkell. It was very obvious that he had suffered a head injury causing his face to swell, he was also unable to close his mouth fully.

He was quite shocked after his ordeal. Oxygen therapy was given via a face mask to help him to breath more easily, he was given pain relief and placed on intravenous fluid therapy (a drip). We then allowed him to rest whilst we monitored him closely for any change in his condition. We continued pain relief and intravenous fluid therapy overnight. The next morning he looked so much better, the facial swelling had reduced. He had started to look like a cat again!

 We were still unsure if he had any other injuries that were not obvious. After being examined again by Marie it was decided that we would anaesthetise Tony and radiogragh his jaw to check for any fractures. Luckily for Tony the radiographs were all normal.

He still had a slightly swollen face and at that point had not eaten.

Once he was fully recovered from the anaesthetic he was offered some soft food which he ate quite happily!

He was discharged from the hospital to carry on recovering at home with his family.


Tony is a very affectionate cat, always wanting to be stroked. He was very brave throughout his stay, this is why we have crowned him Pet of the Month!