Cheeky Chappie ‘Willie’

Willie is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier Cross who was hit by a car in the Autumn of 2013. He was brought in to the clinic immediately after the accident by his owner and was promptly seen by Veterinary Surgeon Sue Knighton MRCVS. He was initially very shocked and had obviously injured his hind leg. He was given an injection to relieve pain and close observations for any other signs of trauma were carried out.

Willies injured foot

Willie’s injured foot

A few hours later he seemed a lot more comfortable so we were able to sedate him and radiograph his injured leg. We also took a radiograph of his chest and abdomen to rule out any other injuries. Willies’ chest and abdomen were all clear but the radiographs showed that he had fractured all of the metatarsal bones in his left hind foot.

Willies' broken toes

Willies’ broken toes


These would require pinning and splinting to enable them to heal. A specialist Veterinary Surgeon was required to perform the surgery. Mobile orthopaedic surgeon Rob Rayward from Coast Vet Referrals visited the practice the next day to perform the surgery and apply a splint. This required changing every three days initially and then weekly. Willie would have to remain on cage rest for the duration of the healing process. A total of 5 weeks.


Over the 5 week period Willie became a regular visitor to Mid Sussex Veterinary Clinic. He is a very happy, bouncy chap with an occasional feisty nature! But he coped well with all his treatment and was never concerned when his owner left him here for the day for his dressing changes.

After 5 weeks Willie was re x-rayed and the bones had healed well. He was able to gradually return to a normal exercise regime. Willie is now back to normal but we are hoping that he stays away from moving cars in the future! We miss our weekly visits from Willie but we are all pleased that his story had a happy ending.


Here is Willie – hoping that some of the food on the plate is coming his way!!!