Do you have a “secret” cat?

We have found that a quite a few clients have their dogs registered with us, who come in for regular checks and vaccinations and when they then call in, they ask if they could have some parasite prevention for their cat at home who we haven’t seen before. A lot of people have either “semi- feral”, “farm cats” or just “good doers” who seem to live hassle free and healthy lives and therefore are not seen to require regular visits to see the vet. We know you still love your cat and care for them and therefore still want them to live life parasite free.

Under the Veterinary prescribing cascade, Veterinary Surgeons are unable to dispense prescription only medicine (POM) to animals that haven’t been seen within 6 months. The Veterinary Surgeon has to legally carry out a full health check on your animal and have an up to date weight in order to dispense the medication.

The main parasite control we dispense for cats, comes in the form of Advocate (a monthly spot on) which treats flea, worms and mites and Profender (a 6 monthly spot on) which treats tapeworm, round worm and hook worm and these are a prescription only medicine, therefore we cannot legally dispense these for your cat if we haven’t seen them.

So how can you prevent your secret cat from getting parasites?

We have just ordered in a new product called Dronspot for your cat, which isn’t a prescription only medication. Dronspot is a spot on round and tapewormer and we can legally dispense it without having to see your cat. Dronspot comes in two sizes- 2.5kg- 5kg and 5kg-8kg, so it is ideal if you are able to weigh your cat at home so we can dispense the correct size pipette. Another bonus of using Dronspot is you no longer need to try and tablet your cat, which we all know is never a straight forward task!

That’s the worms covered, so what about flea treatment?

We also stock a monthly spot on called Advantage, which also doesn’t require a prescription to be dispensed. Like Dronspot, Advantage is a spot on which we recommend you to apply every month to treat fleas. Advantage comes in two sizes- less than 4kg and more than 4kg, so again it is preferred if you can try and weigh your cat at home before popping in to collect the treatment.

So what are you waiting for? Call in today to collect your parasite prevention for your “secret” feline friend. Don’t they deserve to be parasite free too?