January 11th 2019

What’s the use of the Pet Care Plan?

We all know vet bills can be expensive (yes, honestly, we do!). Unfortunately, there’s no NHS for pets, so pet owners are often advised to ensure they have insurance in place to cover for accidents and emergencies (although that’s a topic for another post).

However, once you’ve got that sorted, what else do you need? We get a lot of people asking what’s the use of the Premier Pet Care Plan that we offer? After all, it’s an extra monthly sum – so in this post, we’re going to look at why it’s so helpful if you want to keep your pet’s health in tip-top condition!

What’s the difference between insurance and the
Pet Care Plan?

Insurance covers your pet for unexpected events – treating an injury, or illness, for example. However, it doesn’t cover the routine “preventative” treatments that help to keep your pet from developing problems. For example, did you know that one of the most common reasons animals come in to see us is for itchy skin – and that external parasites are a factor in most cases of skin disease? Or that puppies can be infected with worms even before birth?

That’s why preventative treatments like flea and worm medication are so important – and the Pet Care Plan exists to help reduce the cost of this essential but undervalued area of pet care.

Surely I can get flea and worm stuff cheaper than you
in the supermarket anyway?

Yes, you may be able to – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work very well. There’s a reason that we recommend prescription-only flea and worm medicines: they are more powerful and more effective at keeping your pet parasite-free.

However, there are other types of preventative medicine. The Pet Care Plan also includes your pet’s booster vaccinations – the protection they need to keep them safe from infectious diseases such as Distemper, Parvo and Leptospirosis in dogs, or Panleukopenia or Cat Flu for cats. Some of these vaccines are normally repeated every 3 years, but others need boosting annually – we use a tailored approach to ensure that every pet has the best protection, for the minimum number of injections every year.

What else is included?

Check ups – you also get a FREE appointment with one of our vets, twice a year, to check how your pet is doing and to talk about any problems they might be having. A problem caught early is a problem that’s usually easier to solve.

Where can I learn more?

Get in touch and talk to one of our team! We’ll all be happy to help you give your pet the care they deserve – and save money while doing so too!