New Puppy?

Join our Puppy Socialisation Classes

At Mid Sussex Veterinary Clinic we offer a free 4 week Puppy Socialisation Class for puppies that have had their initial vaccinations.

We believe training of your new puppy should start soon after you pick him/her up from the breeder.

Most puppy training classes won’t accept puppies until after their Initial Vaccine Course.

Our 4 week Puppy Socialisation Classes start after the 1st Vaccination.

The aim of the classes is to get your puppy used to visiting the Vets from a young age. It will teach vital ‘life skills’ which will help your puppy become a well adjusted adult dog in the future.

The classes are carried out in a controlled manner with all puppies on leads.

Held each Tuesday between 1.30-2.30

For Puppies from 8 week old who are registered with us, have had their 1st Vaccination and have had a health Check from one of our Vets.

Plus information on:

  • Flea and Worm Treatments
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Neutering
  • General Puppy Care

Any other questions? Just Ask

All puppies completing the course will receive a goody bag and certificate

Invites are sent out to puppies having been to Mid Sussex Veterinary Clinic for their initial vaccinations.

Please speak to a Veterinary Nurse to book your place